Speculation is mounting that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will soon be updated with a PUBG-style Battle Royale mode. Over the course of more than a year, CSGO has gradually been getting updated with files that are still unused for the base game, instead pointing towards a new survival-style game mode.

Included in the updates are features never before seen in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, such as supply crates, parachutes, an island map, compound bows, armour packs, breach charges,  and even unarmed combat - a survival stable. There are also dozens of references to the word survival. Add it all up and it looks increasingly likely that Valve is planning its own last-man-standing Battle Royale mode, yet with the advantage of CSGO’s pristine combat mechanics.

Of course, nobody is more clued in on just how much money Bluehole is raking in from PUBG than Valve, who is overseeing the 22 million or so PUBG players on Steam. A 30% cut of 20+ million sales is all well and good, yet Valve is evidently keener on a 100% cut from its own game. PUBG has undoubtedly damaged the popularity of both CSGO and DOTA 2, pushing them down the Steam rankings to third and second respectively. There’s also the incredible rise of Rainbow Six Siege, a direct competitor to CSGO that is no doubt beginning to eat into its popularity.

Naturally, this could all amount to nothing. Valve often likes experimenting with things that never come to fruition, yet a Battle Royale version of CSGO is just the sort of money spinner that’s sure to light up Gabe’s face with dollar bills. Half-Life 3 may be dead and buried, but Valve isn’t going to give up the chase for a multiplayer smash hit instead.

Would you like to see Valve give this a shot? Or is this just Valve desperately chasing PUBG's fame and fortune? Let us know!

Source: Valve News Network