Is PUBG’s success never-ending? We don’t know, but it certainly feels that way. The latest milestone to be hit by the online shooter is 30 million total sales across both PC and Xbox One. A truly staggering figure, and enough to make the 10 million sales achieved in early September seem rather twee in comparison.

At the time, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene’s hope that PUBG could eclipse League of Legends’ 70 million active monthly players seemed like a laughably over-optimistic target. After shifting a further 20 million copies in the last 15 weeks, equivalent to 1.3 million units a week, PlayerUnknown is having the last laugh.

It now means total revenue from PUBG sales is around about $810 million, plus whatever income has been generated from loot crates. Valve’s cut for just selling the game is around $243 million, minus sales through third-party stores. By best estimates, that means Valve has made more from PUBG, a game it didn’t even make, than Star Citizen’s total funding life-to-date ($174m).

“The day has arrived,” says CH Kim, CEO of PUBG Corp and executive producer on PUBG. “Nine months ago, we celebrated PUBG’s release into Early Access and began collaborating with our players to bring PUBG Corp.’s Battle Royale vision to life. Now we have a new milestone to celebrate: after a tremendously successful and instructive Early Access phase, we’re launching PUBG’s version 1.0 on PC, which will include our new desert map Miramar, vaulting and climbing, and all of the other features the community has been helping us refine. We’re excited to begin the second part of PUBG’s journey, and this is just the start of our commitment to the development of this game.

“2017 has been a phenomenal year for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. With over 30 million players globally across PC platforms and the Xbox Game Preview program, we owe the success we’ve experienced this year to the community, whose passion has inspired all of us here at PUBG Corp. to make the very best game we can. We’ll continue to fine tune the Battle Royale experience and will introduce additional in-game content, including new crates, to become available in early 2018.”

Quite when PUBG's meteoric rise is going to slow down, we just can't tell, but it's consistently defying the doubters, week in, week out. The Xbox One version also has a long to way to go as well of course, so PUBG's well and truly got League of Legends in its sights next. Watch out Riot.