As sure as day follows night, and that Valve will never make Half-Life 3, the Steam Winter Sale 2017 is live and kicking. I doubt many of you haven't noticed that small fact, although I suspect a lot of you are bewildered by the thousands of discounts at your fingertips.

As per usual, there are tons of great deals in the Steam sale, although drilling down to the good ones can be a tricky task. They are in there though, hidden behind the usual deals on the front page. 

A few that are standing out to me include 66% off Watch Dogs 2, bringing it down to a rather tempting £17, as well as 50% off the absolutely excellent Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. If you're into the Commandos games then Shadow Tactics is absolutely unmissable.

One other one is Satellite Reign, which has currently got an insane 90% discount. It's a really top, top game for fans of Syndicate-style strategic RPGs. It means you and up to three mates can pick up a four-pack for co-op play for less than a tenner.

What bargains have you managed to find in the Steam Winter Sale? Got a big haul yet? Let us know!