Rockstar is spreading some festive cheer this week in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. As part of a special event, snow is now falling across the whole of Southern San Andreas, lending a distinctly festive feel to everyone’s hooker murdering.

An overnight snowstorm has painted the San Andrean hills in buckets of snow, and the whole thing looks really rather nice. There’s also a few other festive tidbits littered about, including Christmas trees and the like. You can also pick up snowballs with a tap of the G button or left on the D-pad, hurling them into bypassers’ faces while giggling merrily on high.

In addition, Rockstar’s added a few new gameplay goodies. Log in over Christmas and you’ll get a free Albany Hermes Muscle Car, while the Festive Surprise 2017 Event returns for another year. It includes full ammo for all owned weaponry, Christmas trees in your properties, festive clothing and car liveries, and the Sentinel Classic returns from Grand Theft Auto 3.

Actually trying to piece together everything that's included in this update is quite an ordeal, but such is the wealth of content that Rockstar keeps loading into GTA Online. From the sounds of things, there's even a Firework Launcher that's been added, as well as Reindeer Bodysuit if you want to dress up as roadkill.

Perhaps biggest of all for regular players is the addition of the new Occupy mode though. This has teams of players battling for control of capture zones spread across the map. It’s basically straight up Domination, rewarding the team who holds the most zones with faster points gained. Whoever gets to the target score first wins. Simple.

Who's hopping into GTA to make some yellow snowballs this week? Enjoying Rockstar's festive cheer? Let us know!