Firaxis has given us a sneak peek at the Cree faction that’s coming to Civilization VI with the Rise and Fall expansion pack. The Cree are the first native Canadian faction to crop up in the series, and indeed the first Native American civ to appear at all in the latest entry. They’re led by Poundmaker (Pitikwahanapiwiyin), a chief from the Plains Cree who aimed to make peace between the natives and the relatively new Canadian government.

The Cree’s chief unique ability is Nihithaw, which opens up a trade route when pottery is discovered. On top of this, any trader that enters an unclaimed tile within three tiles of a Cree city will claim the tile for the Cree faction.

Their unique improvement is the Mekewap, a shelter which provides housing and production as well as gold or food when adjacent to specific resources. Poundmaker's unique ability meanwhile lies in living in peace with surrounding factions. Any alliances grant shared visibility, as well as bonus food and gold from establishing trade routes.

The Cree’s last goodie is the Okihtcitaw, a new unique unit. These are a strong reconnaissance unit as well as being adept in battle, and should make the Cree a strong force in terms of rapid expansion, land grabs and establishing trade routes.

The Cree revealed here are just one of the eight new civilizations that form the Rise and Fall expansion, alongside the previously revealed Queen Seondeok of Korea, Genghis Khan of Mongolia, Chandragupta of India and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is out for PC on February 28th.