The latest version of Opera has become the first desktop browser to include native support for anti-cryptocurrency mining. It’s estimated that thousands of websites are actively running cryptocurrency mining code within users’ browsers when they visit, borrowing the visitors’ CPU resources to earn some extra currency.

It’s an interesting alternative to ad-driven revenue if handled correctly. Unfortunately, some sites are using it in addition to adverts, and are even attempting to use scripts and pop-ups to continue mining long after you’ve stopped browsing the site in question.

While the likes of Chrome and Firefox already have browser extensions that can prevent this, Opera 50 is the first web browser to include it as a default option. All you need to do to stop websites hijacking your CPU is head to the ‘Basic’ settings in Opera 50 and check the box marked ‘NoCoin (Cryptocurrency Mining Protection). By default, this setting is already enabled.

All this little feature does is block all websites from running cryptocurrency mining scripts. While an individual site often only uses a small portion of your CPU, multiple tabs and sites running at the same time can prove a significant drain on processor resources.

Opera 50 is available to download now.

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