There was a time when MMORPGs were literally the biggest thing in PC gaming. The red carpet was rolled out for new arrivals. Closed beta invites were like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. Anyone and everyone was getting in on it, all after a slice of the same pie.

And then World of Warcraft happened.

Bizarrely, WoW was too successful for the genre. Millions and millions of MMO players flocked to Blizzard’s fantasy land, deserting their current game of choice and effectively destroying every other MMORPG. A few still just about cling on to existence though, including such stalwarts as the original Everquest. Almost 20 years old, Everquest got its 24th expansion in December.

It would be fair to say that the world of MMORPG’s isn’t quite as fertile as it once was. It’s now a genre still dominated by WoW, but with Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online doing fine jobs. For those in the know there are still plenty of choices, should you look in the right places. Black Desert Online seems to be onto a winner, while there’s also the likes of Albion Online, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Runescape.

Of all these MMORPG’s over the years though, which has hooked you in for the longest, and why?

I’ll kick things off with mine. I used to be an absolute MMO polygamist, flitting between games after a matter of months. The one that I almost assuredly sunk the most time into was Star Wars Galaxies though. It had its ups and downs and was far from perfect, but for a three-year span, it absolutely consumed me. No other MMORPG I’ve played has offered quite the same experience. It’s the anti-Theme Park, built almost entirely on player-to-player interactions and sandbox elements. Unlike a lot of MMORPGs which are glorified single-player RPGs, SWG definitely earned the MMO label. So yeah, I played Star Wars Galaxies for about three years, until the expansions dried up. Sadly I only lasted about three months in WoW, leaving before The Burning Crusade released as I’d wrung out all I could from the content without doing endless raids, never to return.

Over to you now then. Which MMORPG have you played for the longest? What about it kept you coming back for more? Let us know!

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