Earlier this week, a huge leak detailed a number of upcoming Microsoft Xbox exclusives. Perhaps most intriguing was Fable 4, particularly after the cancellation of Fable Legends in 2016 and the closure of Lionhead Studios. Ex-Lionhead lead Don Williamson has further fanned these flames by claiming on Twitter he knows which development team is working on Fable 4.

The original leak suggested a British studio is behind Fable 4, putting the Brighton-based Williamson in the perfect position to be in the know. He said on Twitter “Mmm ok, having no inside information, I totally know who's building Fable 4 now. Interesting choice…”

Following this, he ruled out any studio from Brighton being big enough to take on the task, nor the risk, of developing a new Fable game.

That leaves it wide open as to which team is developing it, although if I were a betting man, all signs point towards Forza Horizon 3 developer Playground Games. The Leamington Spa studio’s entire existence so far has been dedicated to creating three Forza Horizon titles, yet over the last year the studio has been hiring for an “Untitled open-world action RPG” that is “exciting and large scale.” While it would be uncharted territory for the studio, Forza Horizon’s incredible success (outstripping even the Forza Motorsport series it spun off from) means Playground Games must be a trusted studio in Microsoft’s repertoire. Couple that with Playground’s obvious capabilities in making huge open worlds and we can begin to see the cogs fit together.

Right now all of this is pure speculation, although the evidence is no doubt mounting that the entire Microsoft leak may indeed have been true. Considering Xbox One’s threadbare upcoming lineup this could be a timely, and promising, surprise. The big question is now when Microsoft would be happy to take the wraps off Fable 4 and reveal it to the world. Let the E3 2018 countdown begin...