Nvidia is taking a sideways glance at your 32” Ultrawide monitor right now and laughing uproariously. For now, it appears hopelessly small in the face of its new Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD) standard, an effort to bring the allure of big-screen TV’s to desktop PC gaming with massive 65” monitors.

Naturally, these aren’t just any old big screen TVs. These gigantic monitors must meet Nvidia’s tip-top specification, which demands they be at 4K resolution, run at 120Hz, feature Nvidia G-Sync technology, have HDR with 1000 nit peak brightness, and be at least 65 inches large. In short, the ultimate big screen display for PC gaming. I can already begin to feel my neck ache just contemplating staring at these behemoths for any length of time.

Each of the Nvidia BFGD TVs will come with an integrated Nvidia Shield, allowing access to GeForce Now, an Android gaming library and all the usual apps like Netflix and YouTube, if that’s really of any practical use whatsoever when it’s a display designed to hook up to a PC.

“In practice, all this tech ensures your gun fires instantly in PUBG when facing down a foe, that movement is clear and free of blur, that there’s no tearing or stuttering when playing, and that the action shown is at the highest levels of detail possible when you play with a suitably-powerful graphics card,” says Nvidia. “And should you play with HDR enabled, our best-in-class tech ensures you’ll receive the clearest, brightest, most vivid HDR experience seen to date on PC displays. What’s more, BFGDs have ultra-low input latency, just like a PC gaming monitor, for the most fluid and responsive big screen gaming experience.”

Nvidia is partnering up with a number of hardware manufacturers to manufacture these displays, including Acer, Asus, and HP. There’s no word on pricing yet, although expect these big beauties to be on the extreme end of the pricing scale.

In theory, these BFGD displays are going to be ultimate gaming monitors, although I can’t help but feel 65” is perhaps just too large for a desktop gamer to pair up with a mouse and keyboard at a desk. The recommended viewing distance or a 65" 4K display is 5.4-81 feet. For those who can find the room for a decent way to set it up though, these displays could be absolute monsters.

What are your thoughts, is the BFGD just too large? Or does an ultra-low latency 65” display tick all the right boxes for you?