PUBG is now the best selling PC game in history, toppling Minecraft from its lofty perch this week. As of today, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has shifted an estimated 27,826,101 copies according to SteamSpy. Not in Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene’s wildest dreams could he have envisaged this level of success.

When taking Xbox One sales into account, PUBG is now likely to have eclipsed the 30.67 million sales achieved by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the bestselling Call of Duty in history.

Up until now the number one bestselling PC ever was Minecraft, which the official site currently pegs at 27,098,153. This number comes via DSOGaming as we can’t confirm the exact amount at this time. The Minecraft stats page is currently unavailable, presumably while Mojang scrubs “The World’s Best Selling PC Game” from its heading.

Those figures really are nothing short of incredible and proof, if proof were needed, that there’s some serious bank to be made when releasing the right PC exclusives. Total estimated revenue from sales of the base game alone now tops $800 million.

For now, Battlegrounds isn’t going anywhere. Bluehole continues to update the game behind the scenes since the 1.0 release, dropping a new beta patch today that lowers the draw distance when parachuting in order to optimise server and client performance during the early phases of a match. Additional cover has also been added around La Bendita in Miramar, while further tests are underway for a more comprehensive loot crate system. As of this update, players can now access the Desperado and Biker crates. Biker crates are free to open while Desperado requires a key to unlock.

Source: DSOGaming