Under-the-radar indie gem Nex Machina is the latest to run into server problems as a result of the Meltdown vulnerability. Having patched their backend servers over the weekend, the team at Housemarque noticed CPU Utilization shot up by as much as 500%. This led to an increased number of reports from players noticing the lack of leaderboards, player customisation options and the availability of online play.

Having issued the update late on Friday evening, Housemarque is pretty confident that the cause of the problems with the server is due to recent patches designed to mitigate Meltdown vulnerability.

“We are trying to mitigate the effects to the best of our ability,” explained Housemarque. “You can expect issues during the next two weeks as due to the nature of the problems we'll pretty much have to test the fixes in a live environment. Meanwhile, we ask for your patience and please continue reporting any issues that you may experience.”

At the moment the number of confirmed cases of Meltdown fixes causing server issues is limited to just two games - Nex Machina and Fortnite. With any luck, this means the issues with CPU usage just aren’t impacting the online performance of other games. The worst case scenario is that other games’ servers are yet to have their Meltdown fixes implemented, meaning the problems are yet to come. Alternatively, the fixes are in place and some developers just aren’t letting us know about their issues yet. There were widespread outages across Ubisoft’s games at the weekend, for example.

Are Nex Machina and Fortnite the odd ones out? Or are you expecting more widespread problems with gaming servers in the coming weeks? Let us know your thoughts below!