Razer loves using CES to trot out all sorts of experimental products, the majority of which never see the light of day. Previously we’ve had Project Christine, a modular PC design, while last year we had Project Valerie, a triple-screen laptop which was actually stolen from the show floor. This year it’s the turn of an altogether more realistic proposition - the Project Linda prototype turns the Razer Phone into a laptop.

It’s not the first device to attempt this, but it’s certainly one of the more premium looking attempts. The idea is also pretty simple; the current Razer Phone simply slides into a dedicated Razer laptop chassis right where you’d expect the trackpad to be, and acts as an extremely capable version of one.

The laptop itself is similar in design to a Razer Blade Stealth, albeit emptied of much of the gubbins. There’s no power button to speak of, and no speakers, the Razer Phone handling those duties instead. What you do get access to is a 13.3” Quad HD 120Hz display, a built-in keyboard, and a custom fullscreen version of Razer’s Android OS. A mouse can also be connected up for precise control, as well as for any games that take advantage of it.

If you’ve already got a Razer Phone then I could see this being a tempting proposition, if it’s as cheap as it needs to be. Phones and laptops are prohibitively expensive, and if they can both be rolled into a single thing that’s perpetually upgraded every couple of years then it’s easy to see the benefits. The downside is that Project Linda is locked to Android, meaning none of the Windows features and games we’ve come to know and love from our laptops.

Does Project Linda look like something you could be interesting? Or is Android just too restrictive an OS for your laptop uses? Let us know!