While the rest of the world sleeps, Paradox Interactive is slowly but surely turning Stellaris into the universe conquering sci-fi grand strategy it had always promised to be. Next up on the slate is the Stellaris: Apocalypse, which allows us all to become big dumb people with a big dumb red button.

As the name makes abundantly clear, Apocalypse is all about hyper-destructive warfare, including a Death Star-style planet-smashing “Colossus” weapon. With this ultimate technological terror, players can wipe out a planet’s entire existence in a single moment. Whether players wield it aggressively or use it as a terrifying deterrent is down to you.

Naturally, that’s not all there is to this expansion. The new Titan capital ships will be the largest vessels on offer in Stellaris, capable of leading fleets and grant powerful bonuses to any units under their command. They’ll come in handy against Marauders, new space nomads who live in the fringes of the galaxy and raid empires. They sound a bit like the pesky bandits in Civilization.

If you’re that rarest of things, a pacifist, then Paradox has got you covered. Sort of. Stellaris: Apocalypse comes with “Some Non-Violent Features”, including new Ascension Perks and Civics, as well as new Unity Ambitions that provide a greater choice for customising development.

Paradox has said Stellaris: Apocalypse will be launching in early 2018 for PC and requires the base game to play.