The Dakar Rally is one of the most insane racing events in the world, challenging competitors to race thousands of kilometres over two weeks in the ultimate endurance race. Plenty of games have tried and failed at recreating this ridiculous event, and the newly announced Dakar 18 is the latest attempt to attempt to tame this beast.

Originally called the Paris-Dakar Rally, it’s now just known as the Dakar Rally, despite now taking place thousands of miles away from Dakar due to security threats in Mauritania. The races are now held across several South American countries, with a mix of professional and amateur entrants, with a large proportion of them never reaching the finishing line 10,000km later.

Dakar 18 will feature an array of cross-country vehicles to race in split across five categories - cars, bikes, trucks, quads, and SxS (off-road buggies). There’ll be offline modes to practice your skills, but the majority of the focus seems to be on large-scale multiplayer racing.

It’s being developed by Big Moon Entertainment and published by Deep Silver, promising to be the most authentic recreation of the 10,000km race yet. The world itself is more than 15,000km2 and even allows players to exit the vehicle in order to explore the world or fix damage to their car.

“We are proud to be partnering with A.S.O and Koch Media in order to bring a truly realistic DAKAR racing experience to players worldwide,” said Paulo J. Games, game director of Bigmoon Entertainment.  “As the official developer of the project, we are sure that DAKAR 18 will be the finest representation of real life DAKAR in a video game.”

Dakar 18 will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.