UPDATE: We're going backward and forward on this quicker than EA's share value, but a further update from Bandai Namco's new community manager Izmar no longer rules out a discounted price for Dark Souls Remastered on PC.

After Bandai Namco originally listed a 50% discount for current owners of Dark Souls on PC, a Bandai representative told PC gamer that, in no uncertain terms, "there is no discount." Now Izmar has dismissed this claim, saying "we haven't officially announced anything about the subject of a discount. I'm not sure who PCGamer's source is, but it seems like they could be someone who isn't in the loop about what's going on, RE: discounts."

It's not ruling out a discounted price for now then, so it's looking increasingly likely that Dark Souls Remastered will be available for $19.99 on PC if you already own the original Dark Souls. We'll have to wait on confirmation of that nearer the time though.

Original Story - Jan-13-2018 - Bandai Namco ISN'T Offering 50% Discount for Dark Souls Owners Who Upgrade to Remaster

In what was a nice little nod to their PC fans, it appeared as if Bandai Namco was preparing a 50% discount on the recently announced Dark Souls Remastered. It was widely reported that Steam players who already own the original Dark Souls would be entitled to the discount.

It appears as if Bandai Namco has since whipped away the box-out showing the 50% discount on its official site. 

Since then, a Bandai Namco spokesperson has said to PC Gamer  "I have been told it is the same price for all platforms. There is no discount."

I'm still holding out hope this is just a temporary change though, perhaps in an effort to prevent folks picking up the original Dark Souls cheaply in a sale between now and Dark Souls Remastered's launch, thereby allowing them to qualify for a steep discount. 

Full price for Dark Souls Remastered will set you back $39.99, while the discounted price that was doing the rounds brought the figure down to $19.99. Not a bad deal all, said and done, for a game that’s been remastered at 4K resolution with an improved 60fps framerate cap and enhanced visuals.

Dark Souls Remastered is out on May 25th for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.