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Bungie’s missteps with Destiny 2 since launch have been many and well documented, although it’s taking steps to remedy the sour feeling among the community by outlining its future update plans. The primary fix here is Destiny 2’s loot box equivalent. Bungie’s now going to make it easier to obtain in-game rewards without handing over more cold, hard cash.

“The team has been hard at work and we’re ready to share where we are headed,” explains game director Christopher Barrett. “We used to wait to talk about game updates until we were certain we could meet our deadlines to avoid letting players down if we changed our plans. No longer. We’re not just listening, we are doing. Please keep in mind that the further out we make promises, the more they are subject to change.”

This begins with Eververse, where the Bright Engrams and Silver currency is bought and sold. Bungie claims that the Eververse was never intended to be a substitute for end-game content and rewards, and with upcoming updates will shift the focus away from earning Bright Engrams towards rewards for completing activities. It means new Ghosts, Sparrows and ships will now all be earnable through Patrols and Public Events. This, combined with “a gameplay path to earn Bright Engrams” should mean players won’t have to spend all their end-game time trying to maximise Eververse item gain.

Secondary to this, Bungie is also investigating XP earn rates. It emerged last month that the XP readout was actually lying to the player, with players earning less XP than they were being told. Bungie is looking at upping the XP gain in general in an effort to reduce grinding.

And now for the real good stuff - new content. On January 30th, Bungie will introduce Masterwork Armor. This special gear reduces damage will user Super Abilities, as well as being equipable with Cores and Shards to provide specific stat boosts. At the same time as this, Raid rewards are being reworked to add additional unique rewards and an exclusive Ghost.

At some point in Spring 2018, a 6v6 playlist will be getting added to the Crucible, bringing the player counter back up to original Destiny levels. This will be joined by a new Crucible Rank system. Valor will track progression based on completed matches, while Glory is a skill-based rank that goes up and down based on a player’s performance.

Once Bungie’s got the exhaustive list of fixes out the way, it’ll be time for Destiny 2’s second paid expansion in Spring. Barrett claims they’ve been listening intently to negative feedback from Expansion I - Curse of Osiris. Fingers crossed Bungie actually learns something this time, as its paid DLC has regularly disappointed.

You can read the full list of changes coming to Destiny here.

As with the original Destiny, the reaction to Destiny 2 appears to have gone south very quickly. Is anyone here still playing? Has Destiny 2 lived up to your expectations, or Bungie’s promises? Let us know!