There’s a deeply curious subset of folks who absolutely loving jazzing up their PC with all sorts of blinking RGB ornaments and unusual case mods. Oftentimes I’m convinced it’s in an effort to be as garish as possible in some hyper-ironic fashion, but then I recall Pimp My Ride and remember there are people that actually like the look of a car with hideous vinyl graphics and a tacky spoiler on a Fiat Punto, so I guess there’s something for everyone.

But, PC decor isn’t just about the logical extremes, of course. Whether it’s getting a pristine wire-free desk setup, a beautiful multi-monitor display, or colour-coding everything just so, there’s plenty of choices out there for those who want to beautify their setup. We’ve certainly come a long way from the stereotypical beige boxes of the 90’s.

For the vast majority of gamer-focused hardware though, the current preoccupation seems to be with insane lighting. I’ve seen pre-builds on sale that just put a loose strip of RGB lights down the side for no apparent reason, while keyboards come with backlights that can be switched between 15 billion colours at will. GPU manufacturers, meanwhile, love making their graphics cards as aggressive looking as possible. Put your mind to it and buy the right hardware though and you can make your PC setup look just about however you one, rather that’s a case that looks like the Green Goblin or stashing everything away inside a plant pot.

As you probably guessed from the intro, I’m all about discrete. If I could make my PC invisible, I most assuredly would. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at any hardware, bar a TV, and thought ‘Yep, I want to put that on display in my house, it’ll make the whole room look better.” To that end, I’m quite a big fan of small-form-factor designs or unconventional rigs that tuck away unnoticeably into a desk. Basically, the polar opposite of the overly gamer-centric designs that Mad Katz and Razer seem obsessed with farting out, or this Omnivi mouse I’ve got that endlessly blinks through the seven colours of the rainbow, looking for all the world like I’ve stolen it from a rundown beachfront amusement arcade.

So, do you like your PC to be as attention-grabbing as possible, or hidden away? Are you happy to spend money on cosmetics for your PC, or are you just happy slotting all the parts together and using it as is? Let us know what you do and why below! If you’re feeling particularly generous, now would be the perfect time to show off your rig with some pictures too!

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