Battlefield 1’s Premium Pass content is coming to a close this February with the arrival of the final ‘Apocalypse’ map pack, which includes the new Air Assault game mode. After a slow start the map drops have been coming thick and fast, within the final Turning Tides still to come this month, and then Apocalypse within a matter of weeks after.

Battlefield 1 - Apocalypse will bring five new maps to the fray, each focusing on the grimmest, darkest battles from the final cataclysmic days of The Great War. Three of the maps will be traditional Battlefield 1 fare, while the remaining two will be exclusively for dogfighting.

We’ll start with the aerial maps, which should bring a fresh spin to proceedings. Razor’s Edge features German v British troops in a dogfight among snowy mountains, while London Calling will feature airplane battles across the skies of the burning British capital.

As for the new infantry maps, we get an iconic trio. Passchendaele is set in rural Belgium; ablaze and devastated by war. Scarpering around burnt-out ruins appears to be the order of the day here. Caporetto takes place in mountainous trenches near the Isonzo River. Austro-Hungarians must battle up a steep mountain against the Italian threat. Lastly, there’s the River Somme, the location of the infamous Battle of the Somme. This was the largest battle on the Western Front of the entirety of World War One, where more than one million men lost their lives over the span of five months. DICE is attempting to do this historic battle justice, taking place in and around wheat fields being battered by artillery barrages.



River Somme

The maps will be joined, as always, by a smattering of new melee weapons, guns, gadgets, and vehicles, each of which usually requires some curious achievement to unlock, like killing a Behemoth with a shovel.

We’ll be interested to see if and how DICE plans to support Battlefield 1 after the release of this final map pack. It would be neat if we got a handful of free maps and continued support as per Battlefield 4, or if support is pretty much abandoned as development resources shift to the next Battlefield title, heavily rumoured to be Battlefield: Bad Company 3. The total player count still hits north of 100K concurrent players at the weekend across all platforms so there’s certainly an active player base, and still maintaining numbers roughly double that of Battlefield 4.

Anyway, the final Apocalypse DLC pack for Battlefield 1 should be available within the next 2-6 weeks.