One of the chief benefits of PC gaming over just about any other platform is its immense back catalogue. There are literally tens of thousands of games at your fingertips, a vast library that dwarfs any console several times over. Whether you want to boot up Assassin’s Creed Origins or play ASCII Rogue, the choice is all yours.

The trouble is though, going backward is often a lot more difficult than looking forwards when it comes to gaming technologies. Where once the original Unreal looked incredible back in the day, selling VoodooFX cards by the bucketload, now it’s a textbook example of primitive 3D that doesn’t even hold up visually to the 2D games that came before it.

Heading backward into gaming past can be a painful process, even if it’s occasionally extremely rewarding. Those classics of your youth suddenly aren’t so great when the rose-tinted glasses are ripped from your face. Sometimes it can just be better to leave those memories well alone.

By that same token though, I’m a sucker for going back and tracing the lineage of a series of a genre. If a game isn’t hugely enjoyable from a gameplay perspective anymore, I get a lot of joy out of seeing the embryonic ideas that provided the inspiration for games today. Sometimes it definitely can be a struggle to play old games, and some are certainly better off consigned to history, but I think passionate fans occasionally owe it to themselves to dig up a bit of history.

Ironically I find it’s often the games that didn’t necessarily push the boundaries of visuals that age more gracefully. Early 3D games really can be tough to look at, but games like Baldur’s Gate can still look beautiful today, even if the low resolution lets the standard versions down somewhat.

So, do you struggle to play older games, are you always on the hunt for the latest and greatest? If you like playing older titles, which ones do you think hold up best in 2018 and why? Share your thoughts below!

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