Valve head honcho has responded to rumours earlier this week from Polygon that Microsoft may be weighing up a potential Valve buyout. The story alleged there were rumours of Microsoft looking at acquiring various publishers including EA, Valve, and PUBG-publisher Bluehole.

A worried fan emailed Gabe directly and somewhat melodramatically asked “Is Valve being bought by Microsoft? Please respond, the community is shaken.”

Gabe’s response was typically blunt, saying “Not that I’m aware of.”

Any Microsoft buyout of Valve of course hinges on Newell himself, who owns the majority of the company. If he doesn’t want to sell, the sale doesn’t happen, end of. Whether he could be wavered by an insane wodge of cash is another matter entirely.

While a few of the rumours that have been floating around have been a little on the crazy side, it does at least seem fairly certain that Microsoft is at least asking the questions and trying to shop around. It would be daft if they weren’t at least inquiring into whether they could purchase Valve. Why wouldn’t they want to?

Microsoft has been upfront about the need to secure more games for Xbox and it’s got over $120 billion in cash burning a hole in its pocket. A buyout or two seems assured, and likely soon, but the big question is - who? It would take one hell of a huge offer to force through an EA buyout but it’s not totally beyond the realms of possibility. I think the final answer will lie in a slightly smaller scale company though.

Which studios/publishers can you realistically see Microsoft buying in the coming years? Would Gabe ever succumb to a big cash offer? Let us know what you think!

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