Everyone’s favourite MVP Ash promises to be one of the stars of the show in Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Outbreak update. Ash is one of several biohazard specialist Operators called in to contain the outbreak within the quarantine zone in the city of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Her rapid pace and long-distance breaching rounds mean she’s well suited to take on the infected monstrosities lurking in Operation Chimera.

Ash is the subject of a new Call to Arms teaser trailer. She’s the first boots on the ground at what initially appeared to be a terrorist threat. Naturally, her first instinct is to call in the Russians. No one and no thing is safe from Lord Tachanka.

It’s all looking mighty intriguing, with Ubisoft being especially coy with what we’ll actually be fighting. All we know so far is that there’ll be five different types, and all will be keen on closing the distance between the players as quickly as possible. Whatever they are they’re fast, dangerous and they’ve got strength in numbers. It’s totally at odds with Rainbow Six Siege’s often slow pace, raising a few questions as to how Ubisoft is going to marry up the two competing ideals.

Ubisoft is planning a full reveal of Outbreak and Operation Chimera on February 18th during the Siege Invitation eSports event. Year 3 Season 1: Operation Chimera will then be patched in on March 6th, with Outbreak running from then through until April 3rd. Some of the eagerness for the event has been dulled somewhat by Ubisoft’s announcement that 50 unique cosmetic loot packs will be getting added for the four-week event, only available as paid blind boxes.

Who's eager to give this new take on co-op Rainbow Six for a spin? Or will Outbreak end up a short-lived diversion? Let us know!