FTL developer Subset Games is back with its first title in six years. Into the Breach is out this month on PC, promising to provide plenty of hard-as-nails turn-based strategy antics.

In ‘Into the Breach’, the last few remaining members of human civilization are threatened by huge monsters breeding below the Earth's surface. An army of ultimate mechs is needed to fight off this alien menace.

In true FTL form, each battle to save the Earth will be a randomly generated challenge, with each bout promising to be no slouch in the difficulty department. The perfect tactical strategies will need to be devised on the micro-sized war maps, with telegraphed enemy attacks necessitating perfect countering techniques in order to come out on top.

The deeper players get in Into the Breach’s campaign, the more powerful the mechs, weapons and unique pilots that can be found. They could be crucial to turning the tide of battle in the player’s failure; failure which isn’t an option - defeat means sending help back through time in order to try and avert disaster on a parallel timeline.

Considering just how compulsive and utterly fantastic FTL ended up being, expectations are understandably sky-high for Into the Breach. We’ll know for sure whether it can live up to this when Into the Breach arrives for PC on February 27th.