Fear the Wolves
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With the number of publishers out there getting Battle Royale FOMO, it should come as little surprise to see Focus Home Interactive is next to hitch a ride on the wagon which PUBG drives. Focus has announced a publishing deal with Vostok Games for Fear the Wolves, a post-apocalyptic Battle Royale game set in radiation-ravaged Chernobyl.

If this all sounds a tiny bit familiar to you, that’s because this is the same Vostok Games which is formed of ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs and is still currently working on Survarium. Also set in Chernobyl, Survarium is Vostok’s belated attempt at hooking in the survival crowd and has been on Steam Early Access since April 2015.

In typical Battle Royale form, Fear the Wolves will drop 100 players out of the sky and into battle in a last-man-standing affair, whether in squads or playing solo. Vostok is also promising “Another intense and original game mode will also bring a fierce new twist to the genre.”

On top of the formula we’ve come to expect from the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, Fear the Wolves will layer in a hostile landscape filled with deadly anomalies and weather that can dynamically change during the course of a match. This will be coupled with a day/night cycle and the necessity for the right hazard-protection gear in order to access the more dangerous off-limits zones. It also sounds as if Fear the Wolves’ Chernobyl will be home to dangerous mutant animals, lending a small PvE element to proceedings.

Focus has said we can expect more info on Fear the Wolves later this week. It’ll be coming to PC and consoles in 2018, with an Early Access PC release to arrive first.

Skipping over the Battle Royale entirely for a moment, there are certainly questions to be raised about how and when Fear the Wolves will become the finished article. Survarium has been floundering in Early Access for years and this additional project is only going to further sideline development efforts. It’s understandable that Vostok would want to follow the money, but they’re going to have to be a lot quicker about it than they were with the survival genre.

Who's up for Battle Royale, STALKER-style? Or is the Battle Royale market already reaching saturation point? Let us know what you think in the comments!