As far as painful marketing jargon goes, Lexip’s claim to be the “first ever 3D Mouse” is probably right up there. Still, beneath the buzzwords lurks a surprisingly neat design. At its core, the Lexip is a gaming mouse with two internal joysticks to provide a greater level of control. Folks seem to agree as well, because in its first day on Kickstarter the Lexip mouse has blown past its target of $30,970 and shot up to $182,469 at the time of writing.

So what about them joysticks then? The first joystick sits internally and can be controlled by the tilting the entire mouse shell along two axes. There are a total of 300,000 unique positions it can sit in so there’s a great deal of flexibility on offer here.

The second joystick, meanwhile, sits on the thumb grip. This is a much traditional analog stick, the sort we’ve come to expect from console controllers. It can move 30 degrees in any direction and can be programmed to control additional commands and shortcuts that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Alongside this, there are more traditional mouse functions such as a click wheel, sensitivity adjustments, RGB lighting, programmable buttons and macro functions.

I’m guessing the 3D aspect is just in being able to tilt the mouse to varying degrees, although this has arguably already been done before. Still, the Lexip has had decent commercial success even at this early stage, far outstripping the developing team’s own expectations.

In terms of applications, the Lexip is designed for gaming, first and foremost. They’ve provided a list of a whole bunch of games that are already compatible with the Lexip, including big-hitters such as CSGO, Fortnite, PUBG, WoW, GTA V, Rocket League, Siege, and more. For gamers, Lexip claims this device performs better than any genre-specific gaming mice, controller, joystick or flight stick. That’s quite a claim, although a number of competitive gamers have already hopped on board with the praise. “For FPS’s like Rainbow 6 or Counter-Strike, the Lexip is a game changer,” says Anthony S, an alleged CSGO pro gamer. “Having the ability to pivot, zoom, strafe and aim (without loosing [sic] accuracy) all within the mouse is an incredible upgrade for my gaming skills.”

There’s not really any genre the creators believe the mouse doesn’t excel at, including using the tilt function for turning in racing games, access to quick building functions in Fortnite and Minecraft, and even functioning as a flight stick in Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous.

Should the Lexip gaming mouse look like something that’ll float your boat, the cheapest price you can grab one, for now, is the $135 pledge with an estimated delivery in June 2018. There’s no word on what the final launch price will be for the Lexip, although the $135 is described as a ‘Kickstarter Discounted Price’.

Is the Lexip a gaming mice revolution, or just another pesky rodent? Let us know!

Source: Kickstarter