Metro Exodus is the start of this month’s GameInformer magazine cover, which has meant heaps of new info on 4A Games’ shooter along with a stack of juicy new screenshots. It’s all change for Artyom this time around, leaving the claustrophobic confines of the Moscow metro system in favour of an odyssey East, across the Russian wilderness.

While Metro: Exodus isn’t strictly an open world, it will feature several huge sandbox levels that can be approached non-linearly, and even a handful of side quests to complete.These sidequests can be found by talking to characters or finding notes and clues hidden about the levels, leading Artyon to vital stashes of supplies or potential new allies. There’s no backtracking though, so once the train your driving moves on to the next area, there’s no going back.

The is known as the Aurora, and it acts as a sort of hub and base of operations. There’ll be a handful of passengers living on board and a shop for stocking up on ammo and upgrades, though in a controversial move, the ammo economy is no more. Previously, ammo acted as the primary form of currency in the Metro games, forcing a tense interplay between taking down enemies and preserving precious resources. Instead, there’s a scavenging system where junk and valuables can be turned into chemicals and materials. It all sounds disappointingly run-of-the-mill. Anyway, back on the train, and as the journey Eastward continues, different carriages can attach to the train bringing additional passengers and benefits.

Weapon upgrades also work a bit differently. Rather than buying weapon upgrades, they can all be found out and about in the world, and you can even take attachments off other weapons and attach them to your own if they’re compatible. However, over time guns will get dirty, so the Aurora’s workstation will need to be visited regularly in order to clean out the barrel and prevent blockages.

Last but not least, there’ll be vehicles for Artyon to drive in Metro Exodus. 4A Games hasn’t been forthcoming on exactly which vehicles there’ll be, aside from the Aurora, but rest assured they will be in there to make traversal a little easier.

And now for those screenshots. 4A Games never disappoints on the graphical front, and Metro Exodus doesn’t look to change this.

Metro Exodus is due out in Autumn 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.