Ladies and gents, it appears we may have reached peak PUBG. The number of people playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds over the last month has fallen for the first time in the game’s history.

After almost a year of almost uninterrupted, skyrocketing growth, PUBG has stalled slightly. In January 2018, PUBG averaged 1.584 million players concurrently, and this has dropped 2.22% to 1.549 million when looking at the past 30 days. This indicates a fairly significant drop-off of players during the first week of February.

SteamSpy has also revealed that the number of sales of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Chinese market has practically halted for the last two months. Sergey Galyonkin, SteamSpy founder, theorises this may be because Chinese players are awaiting the imminent local version of PUBG which is set to be published by Tencent.

The success of PUBG always had to slow down at some point; it’s a huge surprise it’s even got to where it is. But, the drop in players may also be explained by the huge waves of bans that have taken place recently, with 2.5 million players banned during the past two months alone.

The other logical possibility is that some people are just growing tired of Battlegrounds. It’s been around for a decent amount of time already and it’s understandable that the figures would drop over time. There’s also been a recent backlash toward the Miramar desert map, and of course the continued and immense success of the free-to-play Fortnite from Epic.

Could PUBG’s time in the sun be coming to an end? What do you think PUBG Corp can do to keep fans interested in the coming years?