While Far Cry 5 is playable entirely in co-op, those planning to go solo won’t be at a total disadvantage. There’s a bunch of Guns For Hire to pick from, each of whom has unique skills and abilities, whether that be ace pilot Nick Rye or stealthy hunter Jess Black. Whoever it is, they’re probably bound to be better than most of my real-life co-op partners.

The full roster has been revealed in Far Cry 5’s new Gun for Hire compilation trailer. Nick ‘King of the Skies’ Rye can lay down strafing fire and bombing runs from his crop duster; Jess ‘Hunter’ Black excels in concealment and taming wild animals, while Hurk ‘Dangerously Stupid’ Drubman Jr sounds like a man after my own heart. He comes locked and loaded with a heat-seeking RPG for maximum carnage.

Those three are just the tip of the iceberg as well, with ‘Chopper Queen’ Adelaide Drubman on hand for all your heli needs, Sharky Boshaw for the pyrotechnics, and Grace Armstrong for long-range sniper fire. Last but not least there’s our furry friend Boomer, who acts as a scout but also has a penchant for ripping out throats. Here doggy.

In Far Cry 5, players will be free to choose from whichever Guns for Hire they want to join them in the fight, and I suspect the ideal method is to choose a partner with a completely different playing style to your own. While your busy hurling dynamite at anything you see, Jess could be lurking in the bushes and picking them off quietly, one by one.

Far Cry 5 is out on March 27th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.