Fortnite is now officially bigger than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Epic announced there were 3.4 million concurrent players in its free-to-play Battle Royale mode over the weekend, more than PUBG’s highest ever peak of 3.3 million players.

As it currently stands, Epic is struggling to cope with the insane demand. Users are now being greeted with lengthy queues and even total server outages. Anecdotally I’ve booted up Fortnite a few times in recent weeks and faced queues of up to 20 minutes to log in to the game, and Epic is scrambling behind the scenes to prevent further congestion.

“Problems that affect service availability are our primary focus above all else right now,” says Epic. “We want you all to know we take these outages very seriously, conducting in-depth post-mortems on each incident to identify the root cause and decide on the best plan of action. The online team has been working diligently over the past month to keep up with the demand created by the rapid week-over-week growth of our user base.”

In an effort to address the swelling demand, Epic is even reaching out to the community in the hopes of more people applying to join their team. Epic’s currently hiring for a variety of positions and fans have been asked to contact them if they’re interested.

On a side note, Epic also issued a recent statement asking Fortnite and Paragon players to change their passwords for their Epic accounts due to a security breach. Epic claims an increasing number of Fortnite players are having their accounts hacked and then additional in-game purchases are being bought by the hackers.

Epic surmises that the passwords have been cross-referenced from other services and websites, so if you use the same password for Fortnite as you do for other sites, fraudulent users may be able to gain access. If you’ve got passwords for every login though, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

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