One of the core pillars of basic Rainbow Six Siege play is knowing exactly what’s destructible and what isn’t. You need to know that wall next to you can’t be breached, or that the ceiling is Fuze-proof. R6: Siege’s upcoming Outbreak mode is ripping up the rulebook though, with infected ‘Breachers’ now capable of blowing holes in previously indestructible walls. Now, nowhere will be safe. Outbreak is playable in 3-player co-op and split across three new, linear levels, along with two difficulty modes

In total there will be five different types of infected in the Outbreak co-op mode - Grunts, Breachers, Rooters, Smashers, and Apex. If you’re like me and suffer from minor heart problems just thinking about an incoming Bomber in T-Hunt, these all sound equally hellish.

Grunts are pretty exactly what it says on the fleshy tin. They’re the most common enemies in Outbreak but the parasite they’re infected with actually armours them and protects them from bullet wounds if players are detected. Taking down Grunts using stealth methods is going to be key.

Breachers, meanwhile, are those pesky buggers that can blow holes in indestructible walls. They’re going to mean that players aren't going to be safe hiding anywhere. They’re essentially living proximity bombs; fast and destructive. Keeping them at distance is going to be a priority.

Rooters will be a little less common but will challenge players in ways they haven’t been before. They send out spikes from the ground that can injure and immobilize players. Rooters are also always moving, and it sounds as if the final killing blow will result in a lethal explosion of spikes for anyone nearby.

Next up are Smashers. These are the brutes of Rainbow 6: Siege’s Outbreak mode. Smashers are massively and almost bullet-proof, they’re also capable of tearing down walls at will. Concentrated group fire and the use of explosives is going to be a must to take down Smashers.

Lastly, there is the Apex. The deadliest opponent Outbreak has to offer, this sends waves of hostiles at any attacking squads in an effort to keep them at bay. Coordination is going to be key to taking down an Apex, particularly when it can also throw blinding projectiles your way. This needs to be countered by Finka or Doc, so it’s crucial to have at least one of these Operators in your team.

Outbreak will be part of Operation Chimera, the 9th free expansion for Rainbow Six Siege. It's due to go live on March 6th and will run for about a month.