Despite Warhorse saying otherwise, Kingdom Come Deliverance has a 60 FPS frame rate cap in place on launch day. If you were wondering how to remove the frame rate cap in Kingdom Come: Deliverance there is a simple solution.

How to Unlock the Frame Rate in Kingdom Come Deliverance

If Kingdom Come Deliverance is stuck at 60 frames per second on PC then there are two simple fixes.

Fix 1: Simply hit the tilde button on your keyboard to bring up the console command in Kingdom Come Deliverance. This key is usually located to the left of ‘1’.  

In order to disable VSync in Kingdom Come Deliverance, type ‘r_VSync 0

Then to uncap the frame rate, type ‘sys_MaxFPS x’, where 'x' represents the maximum frame cap you want to set.

The frames per second in Kingdom Come Deliverance will now be unlocked.

Warning: Each time you restart Kingdom Come Deliverance, the Vsync and frame rate cap options will reset. You will need to perform the above steps each time you run KC: Deliverance.

Fix 2: Head to your Kingdom Come Installation folder. This is typically located at SteamApps>common>KingdomComeDeliverance

Open 'user.cfg' with a text editor. If 'user.cfg' isn't there, create a new text document with this name

Add the lines 'r_Vsync = 0' and 'sys_MaxFPS = x', where 'x' represents the maximum frame cap you want to set.

Save the document.

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