THQ Nordic is quickly earning a reputation as the Sarlacc pit of gaming, gobbling up everything in sight. The next publisher to be hoovered up by THQ Nordic is Koch Media, which has been bought in a deal worth $149.6 million.

The purchase of Koch Media includes the entire business and all its IPs, as well as publisher Deep Silver. This means that THQ Nordic now owns the studios and rights to the Saints Row, Dead Island, and Metro series, among others.

It sounds like something that’s going to work out for both Koch and THQ Nordic, with THQ Nordic confirming there are no restructuring or cost-saving plans. Instead, it sounds as if the plan is to get back to making great games.

 Along with the buyout, THQ Nordic’s also confirmed that Deep Silver is overseeing the development of two unannounced AAA games, including one from Volition, they of Saints Row and Red Faction fame. It now means Red Faction and Volition are back under the same publisher once again. Come on Volition, you know exactly what to do.

Deep Silver’s current and upcoming slate includes Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Shenmue III and Dakar 18. There are some huge games falling under the THQ Nordic banner after the likes of Darksiders, Delta Force, Red Faction, Elex, Gothic, Risen and more.

THQ Nordic isn’t afraid to pull any punches when it comes to talking about Deep Silver’s recent failures either, with the likes of Agents of Mayhem, Dreamfall Chapters and Homefront: The Revolution all not quite living up to expectations, both commercially and critically.

“Koch Media has a long history of profitability despite losses incurred from some less successful game releases. THQ Nordic is convinced that the development studios of Deep Silver as part of THQ Nordic will successfully deliver at least four ongoing AAA game projects including Metro Exodus as well as the next Volition Studio AAA release and the next Dambuster Studio AAA release, together with a number of other game development and publishing titles”, says Lars Wingefors, CEO of THQ Nordic.

“I strongly believe that THQ Nordic is a great strategic fit with Koch Media. In addition to having long experience within games development and publishing,“ says Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media. “THQ Nordic has the skills, willingness, and capital to deliver growth in the future.”

Exciting times ahead for THQ Nordic. We've gone on a right merry-go-round this past decade. After THQ went bankrupt, Nordic steamed in and acquired the name. Now, after all these years, THQ Nordic has brought it full circle and acquired THQ's old Homefront, Saints Row and Metro properties. Deep Silver has been limping along somewhat lately; it's certainly going to be beneficial to work under the umbrella of a larger publisher, and perhaps given the time to do their games justice.

Which Koch Media games would you like to see make a comeback? With Volition and Red Faction reunited, is it time for a new Red Faction game? Let us know what you're hoping for!