UPDATE: 06-April-2018 - And we're back, this time with yet more Spyro related goodies. Activision couldn't plug the endless leaks and just gone and ahead and officially announced the damn thing, along with the world's first trailer of Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.

The Spyro remake looks every bit as overhauled as last year's Crash Bandicoot collection, despite development duties shifting from Vicarious Visions over to Skylanders developer Toys for Bob.

If you've never played the Spyro games, they're a series of 3D platformers originally developed by Insomniac, which is now working on the Spider-Man game for PS4. You play as the titular Spyro, a dragon with minor flight afire-breathing abilities, exploring the world and trying to find collectibles. I'm not totally convinced that it's going to hold up after all these years, but I'd love to be pleasantly surprised.

At the moment the only confirmed platforms are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both due a September 21st release. No word on Switch or PC versions just yet, although they would be bizarre oversights.

UPDATE: 05-Apr-2018 - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Out in September, First In-Game Screenshots of Total Remake

February's rumours were right - the remastered Spyro the Dragon trilogy is the real deal. An Amazon listing has sprung up for the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, complete with some tragically terrible box art and the first in-game screenshots. The listing has first appeared on Amazon Mexico and includes a September 21st release date for PS4. It says it includes all three original Spyro games (Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon) totally remade it 3D, totaling over 100 levels.

See what I mean? Fortunately, the in-game screenshots look a whole lot more promising. 

Interestingly, the box art hasn't just leaked for the PlayStation 4 version either, there's also an Xbox One listing. This suggests Spyro Reignited Trilogy may not be the timed exclusive we were expecting, hinting we may get a PC version this year too.

This is quite a comprehensive leak so we're expecting a trailer to follow shortly alongside an official announcement!

Original Story: 14-Feb-2018 - Rumour: Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remake to be Announced in March, Coming to PC in 2019

After the smash hit success of the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy last year, which is rumoured to launch on PC soon, Kotaku has a scoop claiming the classic Spyro games are currently being remastered. According to Laura Dale, Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remaster will be announced next month and, like Crash Bandicoot, will be a timed exclusive for PS4.

The Spyro Trilogy HD remake is expected to be announced in March 2018 and will release on PlayStation 4 in Q3 2018. Other platforms, including PC, will have to wait until Q3 2019 to get their mitts on the Spyro trilogy.

The full collection will include Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! And Spyro: Year of the Dragon, along with the potential for content that was originally cut from these games.

From the sounds of it, the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remaster will be much more than a simple remaster. Like the Crash N. Sane Trilogy, it will be remade from the ground up with new assets, animations, lighting, and cinematics, along with an updated soundtrack. The graphical makeover for Crash Bandicoot was comprehensive, yet stuck to what we expect from the series, and Spyro will surely be no different.

Another concession to the modern era will be the implementation of a proper save feature, meaning users can now save after each and every level in the Spyro HD Trilogy. I have to admit I’m a tiny bit confused on this front as, from what I can remember of the original Spyro games, it saved every time you entered and exited a level anyway. Perhaps my memories are deceiving me though.

It’s easy to see how this package might appeal to fans of the original, although it’s going to be interesting to see how a modern audience takes to its eccentricities. The popularity of Skylanders up until recently should help with hooking in the younger fans though, if Skylanders even retained any of the Spyro elements by the end, that is.

Does Spyro carry the same nostalgic cache as Crash? Can an old-school 3D platformer be a hit in 2018? Let us know what you think of it!

Source: Kotaku