A public service announcement for those of you with PlayStation 4’s - Sony has begun downloading entire games onto people’s systems as ‘Featured Content’. Without any user input, Shadow of the Colossus has been downloaded onto some users’ PS4 dashboards and sits at the front of the UI.

The icons look indistinguishable from the games you actually own; attempting to play Shadow of the Colossus will bring up the PSN Store page and ask the user if they want to purchase the game. If they do, then the game is already downloaded and ready to play.

What we’re essentially looking at here is a 14GB advert that downloads an entire game in the background without the user’s knowledge. In an age of bandwidth caps this sounds nothing short of obscene.

The entire process is automatically enabled for PS4 users, but fortunately, there is a way to opt out. Head to Settings > System > Automatic Downloads and uncheck the box marked ‘Featured Content’.

While there’s possible value to a system like this, defaulting to having the downloads enabled seems like a foolish move. I can’t think of many times I’d actively want this to happen, or would choose to just buy the game in the spur of the moment, but perhaps Sony is hoping people will buckle when they see a game sitting on their PS4 dashboard for long enough.

Has anyone been fooled by this feature yet?