It’s been a quiet few weeks for PUBG since the December version 1.0 launch. PUBG Corp beavered away to ensure PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could leave Steam Early Access before the end of 2017 and then things went… well, really quiet.

All we’ve really heard about PUBG of late has been the methods employed to combat the influx of cheaters, with over 2.5 million cheating players banned during the past three months alone.

Looking ahead though, PUBG Corp has broken the silence and promised the community that a development roadmap for what’s in store for 2018 will be inbound shortly.

“Our dev team has been working on a dev roadmap for early 2018 in the past few weeks,” said community manager Sammie Kang.

“It's about time we update you on what's happening and where things are at. We will share this roadmap with you soon once we have finalized all the details.”

Recently player numbers have appeared to suggest that PUBG’s popularity has peaked, at least on PC, with a mobile version arriving in China last week. Whether the declining player base is down to reduced demand or just the huge waves of bans is a matter of some debate, but for PUBG Corp it’s important they keep PUBG’s momentum going throughout 2018. How they plan to do this should prove mighty interesting, particularly in the face of stiff competition from Fortnite.

What can PUBG Corp do to keep players interested in PUBG in the long term? Will new maps do, or are some more fundamental changes required? Share your ideas below!