As restricted as my space is at home, what with a whopping great big treadmill in the spare bedroom that takes up a spot that could easily be filled by a desktop gaming setup, I’m probably overly obsessed with getting the picture living room gaming setup. Only, for all the leaps and bounds that PC gaming has come in recent years, getting it just right and with the minimum of fiddling is a tricky process.

I’ve tried it all. I’ve even got a Steam Controller for god’s sake, and a Razer Turret Lapboard, the delivery of which was pretty much the bane of my life during Summer 2016. Whatever I seem to pick though, there is always some serious compromises at play. In the case of the Steam Controller, while functionally it’s more capable than just about any controller out there, the final result is awful. I’ve tried, I really have. The build design is poor, the buttons are tricky to press with any degree of accuracy; it’s decidedly worse than a PS4 controller for action and racing games, and it’s worse than a mouse and keyboard for everything else.

The Razer Turret, meanwhile, makes me feel like a test subject in a university seminar on carpal tunnel syndrome. The mouse is tiny, the mouse pad feels even smaller, and there’s nowhere to rest your wrist. It’s a one-way ticket to surgery at a tragically young age.

Which got me thinking about just how you living room gaming fans have your own personal setups in the front room. Whether that’s streaming from your desktop with a Steam Link or media centre, or even going so far as lugging in a plank of wood on which to rest your mouse and keyboard.

Along with this, it’d be great to hear any tips you have on how to make living room gaming as seamless as possible. Steam Big Picture Mode is a decent first step, but when I’m using a Dualshock 4 I still run into scenarios where a game has its own launcher that needs clicking and I’ve got to move (shudder) and use my mouse to continue onwards in my gaming odyssey.

What tips and tricks do you have for living room gaming? Have you got a PC set up on your TV? Let us know!

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