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While the game is wholly ambitious and easy on the eye to boot, it would be fair to say Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t without its fair share of performance issues. Frame rate drops and general performance dips are commonplace both indoors and at night time, likely caused by Kingdom Come’s demanding lighting system.

Fortunately, a fix for Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s volatile frame rate is inbound. Warhorse creative director Daniel Vávra has said the studio is busy working on a major update right now, and we expect it to go live on all platforms within a fortnight.

"Hello guys, we are aware about the bugs that could happen and working hard on fixing them," wrote Vávra. "Next patch is coming soon and will fix lot of quest bugs and other issues like frame drops. Expected release in approx 2 weeks."

He’s also addressed the issues which some people are having with lockpicking. From my experience, this is mainly because it’s pretty much impossible on a gamepad right now, and it feels like a bug more than anything. Switching to mouse and keyboard makes the whole process much easier.

“So we heard you. Lockpicking is too easy.. I mean hard and we should do something with save and quit. And "couple" other things. We will do something with it."

Save points seem to be a sticking point for some folks. At the moment, Kingdom Come: Deliverance only saves during key moments during the main questline, when you go to bed, or when you drink a Saviour Schnapps. This means you can go quite a while without being able to save, at least in the early game. It does lend a greater element of weight to your decisions when you can’t just quick save and reload to get the desired outcome, although obviously, some aren’t pleased. If that particular issue is bugging you then there’s already a mod out there which will allow you to save Kingdom Come: Deliverance wherever you want.

We’ll be sure to take another look at Kingdom Come’s performance when this patch drops on PC. On my GTX 970 at home, it’s pretty much unplayable when in towns or indoors, and it’s definitely sapping a bit of enjoyment out of the game.

How are you finding the PC performance of Kingdom Come: Deliverance so far? Have you encountered any other major bugs in your travels? Let us know!

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