Time to Go Scrumpy and Western - Farming Simulator 19 Announced

Written by Neil Soutter on Sat, Feb 17, 2018 10:00 AM
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The world of farm sims is hotting up these days. For too long, Farming Simulator has been left to pootle about on its shiny new combine, with no other farms in sight. Now Pure Farming 2018 is turning up to put the cat among the proverbial pigeons, and it’s down to Giants Software to up their game once more.

It sounds as if they’re doing just that with Farming Simulator 19, announced this week. Giants are promising that FS19 will be the deepest farming experience ever, and will also carry a complete graphical overhaul. I’ve got deja moo again.

New to Farming Simulator 2019 will be new tractor brands, new farming activities, new animals such as horses, new crops and new mechanics, all of which are going to be revealed in the coming months. It’ll also feature three open worlds at launch, comprising two entirely new environments and an improved South American pasture. I’d just like to quickly request ice farming so that Farming Simulator 19 can become the Ice Road Truckers of the agricultural world.

Giants have said Farming Simulator 19 will be ready for harvesting in late 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Pure Farming 2018 or Farming Simulator 19, lettuce know which will tractor your attention this year!

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10:45 Feb-17-2018

Damm another game based on the future. I wonder what new technology we ll have since it is based on 2019 apereantly.

10:33 Feb-17-2018

The beautiful sunflowers and beautiful crops

10:31 Feb-17-2018

Haven't played since 15 which i loved, maybe it's time i come back ^-^

10:10 Feb-17-2018

Take a friking break, it's a same game every year

12:22 Feb-17-2018

No it isn't, this is clearly the pinnacle of gaming innovation just stfhhststgduduuuu

admin approved badge
14:03 Feb-17-2018

Actually 2019 is totally different, if you can't tell from the trailer thats sad. Totally new engine and they listened to the players this time, they just need more diverse crops like Pure Farming 2018 has and it might get more interesting. The mod community for FS17 is what makes the game that much better though.


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