First Gameplay Revealed From the Two Point Hospital, the Theme Hospital Spiritual Successor

Written by Neil Soutter on Sun, Feb 18, 2018 9:53 AM
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When ex-Bullfrog developers say they’re going to go back to making management games, you can be almost assured you’re in for a treat. The first gameplay footage has been revealed from Two Point Hospital, and it’s undoubtedly a Theme Hospital spiritual successor through and through.

Aside from the comedic diseases which form the series’ darkly humorous template (which saw the Grim Reaper turn up to swallow the deceased in Theme Hospital), the moment to moment business of running a hospital looks spot-on. It centres around managing hospitals in various different areas, building up the assorted receptions, treatment centres and recreation areas needed for your staff to do their job properly.

Players will have no discover new cures, ensure waiting times are kept down, and making sure the right staff are hired for the right jobs. No one with ‘lightheadedness wants a careless surgeon to replace their head, or arguments breaking out mid-treatment.

Developer Two Point Studios has also said that Two Point Hospital is planned to be the first of many management/tycoon games, each of which will tackle the admin of running the town of Two Points’ many facilities. At the PC Gamer Weekender, Two Points’ Mark Webley and Gary Carr wouldn’t say which would be next, although they do mention prisons an awful lot.

Two Point Hospital is due to launch on PC later in 2018.

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20:45 Feb-19-2018

Ugh, can't wait for this game and the nostalgia :)

20:57 Feb-18-2018

Looks awesome! I guess I have another management game to add to my collection


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