UPDATE: Ubisoft has revealed the final details for Rainbow 6 Siege's Pick and Ban system during last night's 6 Invitational Grand Final.

Siege's Pick & Ban system will mean a team can pick and ban two Operators from the opposing team for the entire match - one Defender, one Attacker. Once the Pick & Ban phase is over, the two teams will be able to see the opposing team's lineup and re-pick one of their own Operators. 

It sounds as if this is a more comprehensive system than we'd given it credit for. Limiting the system to only one Attacker and one Defender does at least prevent the tricky scenario of blocking all hard breachers.

The Pick & Ban system will be rolling out to the Pro League and Custom matches first and then arriving on Ranked at a later date. It's unconfirmed whether Pick & Ban will become available during Casual play though.

Original Story 18-Feb-2018 - Pick and Ban System Announced for Rainbow 6 Siege, Lion and Finka Gameplay Videos Revealed

Ubisoft is preparing to deliver what is quite possibly the most drastic shake-up of Rainbow Six Siege’s high-end play yet - announcing a Pick and Ban system. N doubt familiar to MOBA fans, a typical pick and ban system would allow a team to prevent the opposing team from choosing specific Operator(s).

According to Ubisoft, the new system will change the way Rainbow Six Siege will play for everyone, so it sounds as if it this is going to be rolled out to general players and won’t just be restricted to the pro leagues.

The actual system Ubisoft is going to deploy next season has yet to be revealed, all we know so far is that some sort of Pick and Ban method will be used. This would allow Defenders to block the use of Thermite for Attackers, for example, allowing them to build their defensive team with the knowledge that two entire walls can’t be blown away. It’s easy to see why this could be a huge change to Siege’s metagame, overpowered Operators are going to find themselves regularly banned. One bonus is those pesky Ash mains will finally pick to play as someone else.

Also at the Rainbow Six Invitational, Ubisoft confirmed that Ela will be getting hit with three more nerfs. Her gun will have increased recoil, it will do less damage, and her impact grenades are being replaced by a deployable shield, reducing her roaming capabilities. Not good news at all for Ela fans, but considering she’s still insta-picked it’s probably a sensible choice.

Last but not least, we got our first gameplay footage of the two new Operators - Finka and Lion. Their full weapon loadouts can be seen here.

Finka’s unique skill is health boosting nanobots for the entire team.  This grants every living teammate with an extra 20HP, as well as reviving downed teammates from anywhere on the map. Finka’s ability will do nothing in the fact of a well-aimed headshot, although it should add a bit more survivability to a team before they storm a room.

Meanwhile, Lion has a drone that detects movement. It’s basically a map-wide wallhack, allowing both him and teammates to see the full-body outlines of Defenders. It makes Jackal’s ability sound rather limp in comparison, although the major downside of Lion’s ability is that enemies who stay still won’t be visible.

All of these changes will be getting rolled into Operation Chimera on March 6th. This is the first season of Year 3 content and also includes the co-op Outbreak PvE mode for Rainbow Six Siege.