Rainbow Six Siege has been in the news a lot this week, what with the absolutely gripping Rainbow Six Invitational finals and the non-stop teasing for the upcoming Year 3 content. Having seen the active player-count swell to 27 million players, Ubisoft hopes to support Rainbow 6 Siege for the next decade, with no plans for a sequel in the pipeline.

Behind-the-scenes, the in-house target for Ubisoft is to release 100 Operators in total. As it currently stands there are 36 Operators in Siege, with a further eight being added each year. My quickly scribbled down maths suggests we’ll be getting Operator 100 in eight years’ time, so around Christmas 2025. That’ going to mean a bewildering range of options for would-be counter-terrorists.

As the number of Operators scales up, Ubisoft is planning on updating the Standard Edition of Rainbow Six Siege to include all 20 legacy Operators unlocked from the get-go. That sounds like a vital change that should greatly help new players. The controversial Starter Edition will also come with six free Operators, versus the previous four. In addition, starting next season, all weapon attachments will be free and unlocked for all Operators.

Along with the Operators, Ubisoft has been taking a long, hard look at the current map designs. Some of the current maps will be getting renovated, while others will be completely reworked in order to better suit the competitive scene. Each and every new map and redesign will be focused on Bomb-mode first and foremost, with Hostage and Secure Area now secondary concerns for map design. That may prove controversial for some, but I think it’s the right call if Ubisoft wants to achieve the perfect map balance.

First up for redesign is Hereford. The map is being fundamentally redesigned in what looks to be an attempt to better balance the higher floors. The outside balcony is no more, replaced by new rooms, while the entire building looks to have been expanded widthways.

After this, Clubhouse is being reworked. As it’s already a popular map in the eSports scene, Clubhouse’s changes are quite so drastic. The pool table area in the bar is now walled off so Attackers can’t dominate quite so well from the window, while there’s now a new corridor that goes from the cash room and over to the corridor outside the bedroom. That interplay between the two top floors will now be completely changed and will provide some welcome relief for Defenders holed up in the bedroom.

All in all, this is contributing to the most drastic redesigns we've seen of Rainbow Six Siege's systems since its 2015 launch. Not only are the maps being reworked this year, but we're also getting the eight new Operators, the PvE Outbreak co-op mode, and the controversial Pick and Ban system. Do you think all of these changes are for the better? Which maps in Siege do you think should be redesigned, and how would you change them? Let us know!