Epic Games is continuing to develop Fortnite: Battle Royale, announcing a swath of changes coming in as part of Fortnite’s 3.0 update. Clearly, the influx of over 45 million players has seen Epic focus nearly all of its resources on the free-to-play shooter, resulting in one of the best-supported games in years.

The big game-changer for Fortnite 3.0 is the new Turbo Building features. Players will be able to select a building piece, such as a wooden floor, and hold down the primary fire button to paint building pieces rapidly. This means players will be able to set up defences quicker than they ever have before, as well as sprint up ramps while building simultaneously.

In another move that will speed up building, Auto Change Materials is a toggle which allows you to automatically switch to another building material when your current supply runs dry. If you’re building a metal bridge and you run out of metal, for example, it will automatically switch to wood and continue building. Combine Auto Change Materials and Turbo Building and it’s easy to see how fortifications could be built in record time.

And, in one final improvement to building times, you’ll be able to build through stuff in Fortnite Battle Royale version 3.0. It doesn’t matter whether there are chairs, tables, trees, or entire mountains in your way, the building system will now clip straight through them. This provides fiddly scenarios where a rock might get in the way of a floor being place, for example, and generally sands down the remaining rough edges of the building process.

While Fortnite: Battle Royale got a lot of flack for imitating the PUBG formula when it was announced, Epic has done a heck of lot of help differentiate itself. While the core rules are much the same, the emphasis on building certainly helps it stand out as a unique product.