I buy my fair share of games. I’m not an extreme purchaser, but I definitely buy a fair few games split across a handful of platforms. Even just dipping into the odd purchase on Steam, I’ve managed to amass a library of 282 games over the 14 years I’ve been using it, which seems a very reasonable 20 games per year. Now I’ve got them all though, actually keeping them in some semblance of order is a tricky prospect. It’s only going to get more difficult as I buy more games too - my Steam library grows while my control over it withers.

Left untouched, I end up in that dreaded scenario where I don’t know know what to play. A list of 282 games is quite a lot to take in, and picking one to play becomes a lot harder the more you have, paradoxically.

And yes, I’m aware an overflowing Steam library is the archetypal first world problem, but nothing can halt my marching obsession with trying to keep things organised.

Right now, I’ve got a fairly rudimentary system at work in Steam. Being able to dictate your own custom categories and filters is great, whether you want to split it up into genres, or by how long they’ll take to beat, or perhaps even the theme. In a ballooning Steam library, they can give you handy access to what you want, when you want. The complications come when you’ve got games that could easily span several categories, multiplying your bloated library problems.

I’ve used Steam’s Categories system to split my library up into Completed, DLC to do; Multiplayer Only, Games I Want to Play, and Trash. I had to be fairly ruthless with the Trash folder, but after plenty of bundle purchases and ridiculous deals I couldn’t resist buying, I had a fair bit of backlog fodder. All I did was ask myself whether I could realistically ever see myself playing these games. If I could, into Want to Play it went; if I couldn’t it went straight into Trash. Trash is minimised and it’s out of sight, out of mind. Sort of. There’s always that niggling feeling that maybe there’s something in there I’m missing, an undiscovered gem that I should probably give a chance.

After all of this, don’t even get me started on adding non-Steam games to my library, or trying to have a central place where I can see everything I own. Sometimes PC gaming is like owning your own personal library, only there are a few books stashed in a toilet and a dozen or so lurking beneath the couch, forgotten and forlorn.

So I was wondering, how do you manage your bulking library of PC games? Are there some you just forget even exist, or have you got some semblance of order? Let us know below!