The Witcher III
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It’s easy to disregard the constant reports of game-related movies and TV shows as pipe dreams, more than anything, but the proposed The Witcher TV series has taken a step closer to reality this week with the finished script for the Netflix pilot episode.

Lauren Hissrich will be producing and writing The Witcher television series, and her previous credits include The West Wing, Daredevil and Marvel’s The Defenders, so there’s some serious pedigree at work here.

Hissrich shared a picture of the finished manuscript on Twitter, and she also outlined several key characters that will be appearing in the TV series.

Naturally, Geralt is going to be the star of the show. The music to my ears is that Roach is in the confirmed cast, although which horse will be picked for the role has yet to be disclosed. No doubt equestrians across the globe will be chomping at the bit to score the part.

The full list includes Geralt, Triss, Yennefer, Dandelion, Roach, Ciri, Emperor Emyhr, Regis, Cahir, Viglefortz, Milva, and Leo Bonhart. Some of those names are a little unfamiliar to me. Either I’ve just flat out forgotten or they’ve only been featured in the books so far.

The first draft of The Witcher’s pilot episode clocks in at 78 pages, which by Hissrich’s own admission is a little too long. However, she’s “not ready to cut anything else yet!”. The Netflix show will be based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels rather than the games, providing a more extensive foundation for additional series further down the line.

While we’re still some time from The Witcher TV series making it the small screen, this is an important step. Are your expectations high for the return of Geralt? Or is going to prove difficult to do the White Wolf justice? Let us know what you think!