After months of rumours, VentureBeat is claiming it’s got the scoop on the identity of the new Battlefield game. DICE’s multiplayer shooter will allegedly be back this year with Battlefield V, a follow-up to Battlefield 1 set during World War II. If what we're hearing is true, then it seems likely that DICE will flip to Battlefield: Bad Company 3 for the game after Battlefield V.

While we’re still awaiting any sort of confirmation from EA or DICE as to the identity of the new Battlefield game, VentureBeat has got its hands on what it is claiming is the first leaked development screenshot. It shows the Battlefield V main menu in the dev build.

At this stage, it’s unclear just why it’s called Battlefield V. It’s not being suggested that Battlefield V is the fifth mainline Battlefield game so it may instead simply stand for ‘Victory’. It certainly beats opting for Battlefield 2 again that’s for sure.

I’d imagine there’s going to be a mixed reaction to the Battlefield series going back to WW2 once again, particularly from those hankering after another modern warfare outing. It’s been over 15 years since BF1942 though, so DICE could really do the period justice with the Frostbite engine. It’s also a nice middle ground after Battlefield 1 leaned very heavily on infantry warfare; WW2 was far more vehicle focused, even if it does mean we’re going to be missing out on helicopters once again *sniff*.

EA has confirmed that the new Battlefield game will be launching in late 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. DICE is already working on the reveal trailer and it’s going to be fully playable during the EA Play event taking place the week before E3 2018 in June. 

Would you be happy to see the Battlefield series head back to World War 2? What would you like to see changed from BF1? Let us know!