Fresh from leaking the existence of Battlefield V, or Battlefield 5, VentureBeat has provided some further details of what we can expect from DICE’s upcoming World War II shooter.

Perhaps the most exciting update comes for bot fans (Psychoman, you’ve finally got your wish), with DICE planning a new mode that allows players or squads of players to run through randomly generated Conquest missions. It’s unclear whether we’re going to be given much control over the options here, but there will at least be something for players to work through cooperatively against AI opponents.

As well as this, Battlefield V’s campaign will allegedly feature another series of short stories and vignettes, as per Battlefield 1. The difference this time is that these mini-stories may be playable in co-op, although this is very much unconfirmed at this point.

On the gameplay side of things, it’s a minor detail but DICE will allegedly be borrowing the prone mechanics from Rainbow Six Siege. When players lay down they’ll be able to go prone on their front with their legs behind them, or on their back with their legs in front of them. This should help immensely for players looking to hole up in craft corners, and it’s also got the benefit of being a more realistic way to go prone when you aren’t on the offensive.

Last but not least - microtransactions. It sounds as if these will be present and correct in the form of lootboxes, but both EA and DICE are going to be going out of their way to emphasise that the contents of the packs will be cosmetic only. I suspect that despite this, they’ll still have XP boosts as per Battlefield 1, as this was a balance that seemed to work and didn't offer any major gameplay benefits.

Should DICE go this route, I believe it can work. Ideally, this is paired up with the desire for free content updates that we saw with Star Wars Battlefront II, rather than the usual Premium Pass that horrendously fragments the player base. There is a middle ground between the two extremes that most players will probably be happy with, and we’ve seen it used successfully in Overwatch and Siege, despite complaints from a few players that feel the need to unlock every cosmetic item.

How would you feel if all of this ends up being true? Would you prefer to see a paid Premium Pass an no loot boxes, or can DICE strike a nice balance with Battlefield 5? Let us know below!

Source: VentureBeat