If you’re struggling for Fortnite: Battle Royale wins, help may be at hand. Epic Games has announced Battle Royale is coming to mobile devices and there’s also going to be full cross-platform play between PC, PS4, Mac, iOS, and Android. Just think, potentially millions of tippy-tappy supplicants to their mobile overlords, all ready and willing to up against mouse and keyboard users. Let the bloodbath commence.

Incredibly, Epic has got the exact same 100-player deathmatch on mobile devices, complete with the same map, same content and the same weekly updates, and plays can even squad up across devices and play with friends on other platforms. Fortnite: Battle Royale will be arriving on iOS first and then Android in the coming months.

“We believe this is the future of games,” says Epic. “The same game on all platforms. Console quality graphics and action. Play when you want, where you want.”

The one downside to all this is that Xbox One isn’t included in all the festivities. It sounds as if it was due to some sort of deal inked with Sony, and for whatever reason this prohibits Xbox One users from getting in on the cross-platform action.

I have to say this is a noble effort from Epic Games at uniting (nearly) all gamers in one place, although I have to wonder how mobile gamers are going to stand a chance against PS4 players, let alone PC gamers with a mouse and keyboard. There’s such a gulf in the control methods that it would be a fine achievement to win a 100-player battle royale with an iPhone.

Is anybody going to dare give Fortnite a shot on mobile? Will this update enable Fortnite to become the biggest game on the planet?