Every so often there’s a game that comes along that looks so me that it’s a heck of a wonder I’ve somehow never even heard of it. Disco Elysium is just such a game. Previously dubbed ‘No Truce With the Furies’, it’s undergone a bit of a name change this week, no doubt to try and keep those weird furries folk away.

Anyway, Disco Elysium is a detective adventure game that’s also a fully isometric RPG, complete with leveling and skills and all that guff. Unlike beardy RPGs though, it’s mercifully kobold-free.

In Disco Elysium, players have a single, massive, open-ended case to solve that takes all through the seaside town of Revachol West. Seedy is putting it lightly. It makes Weymouth look like Portofino. Gangs are running roughshod over the populace and corruption reigns supreme. You’ll be clicking about this place to interrogate suspects, bust down doors, and give chase to hardy crims.

There’ll be combat situations as well, and you can tap into 24 unique psychological skills to try and solve the crime. Disco Elysium keeps a handy inventory of thoughts and clues connected during the investigation, and these can be linked together to (hopefully) get to the bottom of what’s happening.

It sounds all sorts of awesome and it’s the debut game from the impossible-to-pronounce ZA-UM, while Humble Bundle is handling publishing duties. The release is TBA but it sounds as if ZA/UM is at least aiming for a 2018 launch for Disco Elysium.