Nvidia is allegedly gearing up to announce a new real-time Ray Tracing (RTX) technology for GeForce GameWorks tomorrow, created in partnership with Microsoft. The new cinematic rendering technique will afford developers the opportunity to add real-time Area Shadows, Glossy Reflections, and Ambient Occlusion to their games, offering hitherto unforeseen levels of lighting and shadow quality.

The new technology’s API has been created in conjunction with Microsoft and support will be rolling out to major game engines, including the likes of Unreal Engine, Frostbite, and Unity.

Three developers have reportedly already signed up for the emergent technology - EA Games, Remedy Entertainment and 4A Games. The latter is, of course, working on Metro Exodus, so if these rumours are true then expect Metro 3 to be an RTX showcase. EA has several well-known titles in the pipeline while Remedy is working on the unannounced ‘Project Seven’.

With any luck, we’ll see this new technology in action for ourselves tomorrow when it’s (hopefully) going to be revealed. Suffice to say, RTX, like many GameWorks features, will probably be hugely demanding. All of these Nvidia technologies tend to trickle down and become commonplace eventually though, even if it’s likely to be a feature reserved for the very top-end GPUs for now. In all likelihood, RTX will be a cornerstone of the upcoming Turing gaming GPUs, while current (non-gaming) Volta GPUs are already highly optimised for ray tracing technology.

We’ll bring you more on this emergent technology just as soon as we hear it.

Source: Videocardz