Arkane has heavily hinted once again that an expansion for the Prey reboot is inbound. Earlier this month, some intrepid Redditors spied some suspicious activity on Twitter related to Prey which pointed towards a lunar colony on the surface of the Moon.

Now, developer Arkane Studios has tweeted out a picture of the entire team; each member is revealing a bloodshot eye, some are holding up cryptic messages, while the whiteboard at the back is probably our biggest clue yet.

The whiteboard features just about every bit of info we’ve managed to glean so far, name-checking both the moon and KasmaCorp, a TranStar rival. There’s plenty here we didn’t know about before though, including a drawing of a crescent moon and the date 06.10.18, which is the same date as Bethesda’s E3 2018 press conference.

Forget all that though, because what I’m really interested in is whatever the heck a ‘Moonshark’ is. If it’s a shark that lives on the Moon then I’m all in. After Prey’s mind-bending ending though, I’m unsure just how this all going to play out…

We should, hopefully, find out a whole lot more about what Arkane is teasing come June 10th. Could we be set for a full reveal then, or perhaps that’s even the release date of a Prey expansion? I can’t imagine Prey sold well enough to justify a sequel, based on the steep discounts shortly after launch, and it seems much too early for a sequel reveal anyway. All signs point towards the Prey DLC releasing on that day, or at the very least to be revealed then.