Seldom a week goes by where some sort of record isn’t broken by solid state drive manufacturers. Nimbus Data is the latest to join the throng, announcing a frankly ridiculous 100TB SSD with three times the storage capacity of any 3.5” storage drive that has come before it. The announcement comes just a month after Samsung announced the world’s largest 30TB SSD, which now looks teeny tiny in comparison.

Nimbus claims the ExaDrive DC100 draws 85% less power per terabyte than its nearest competition. Its 100TB size is large enough for 1,388 copies of Grand Theft Auto V, 20,000 HD movies, or 20 million songs. I’d be very interested if that makes it large enough to store each and every game available on Steam, it’s certainly got to be a close-run thing. Get one of these and you’d never have to worry about storage again.

“As flash memory prices decline, capacity, energy efficiency, and density will become the critical drivers of cost reduction and competitive advantage,” stated Thomas Isakovich, CEO, and founder of Nimbus Data. “The ExaDrive DC100 meets these challenges for both data center and edge applications, offering unmatched capacity in an ultra-low power design.”

Naturally, a drive of this size is intended for server usage. It’s capable of 100,000 IOPs read/write and up to 500MB/s throughput. If you’re thinking of getting one of these in your PC then thing again, with the price likely stretching upwards of $10,000. For server farms though, a single rack of these ExaDrve DC100 SSDs could be enough to store 100 petabytes of data. That’s large enough for 200,000 years of continuous music.

With this announcement, traditional hard drives truly have been left for dust, not just in terms of speed but also capacity. For now, the only advantage hard drives hold is the cheaper cost, a cost which becomes negligible when SSDs are now several times larger.